Posted by: Laura | April 23, 2010

Hostel Life: Parting Ways

One of the best (and worst) things about working in a hostel is constantly making new friends. I know you’re probably wondering how I could possibly think that making friends is a bad thing. Well, it’s really not but sometimes I get frustrated about the constant revolving door. Getting close to people just to have them leave for a new destination. I told you about how much fun I had during my holiday over St. Patrick’s Day. The result of all that fun was a negative impact on my body. I felt that I looked overly tired, older (dare I say I looked 30?), and that I’d gained some weight. And the truth is, I did. After four days of drinking more than normal eating late night fast-food, in combination of not exploring and walking around the island, my body turned against me. And I had to face the sad reality that I’m not in my 20’s anymore.

With my best girl, Anni, on St. Paddy's Day in Galway!

So when I returned from Galway I made a resolution to seriously cut back on going to the pubs for a nightly pint. Only problem is, that’s pretty much the only thing to do on this island. It’s truly a cultural thing in Ireland to meet up at the pub at the end of the day to catch up on the latest news and gossip with your friends. Factor in guests looking for a good time (in a slower, non-tourist season), one feels obliged to make sure they enjoy a fun Irish experience.

While I did end up cutting back on my alcohol intake for a few weeks, I still wasn’t able to stick to the rules I had given myself. I mean, isn’t it rude to pass up a pint that someone else buys for you? I think so. 🙂

With Desiree, Anni, & Pat - some of the BEST people to work with!

The biggest drawback of making so many new friends is having to say goodbye to them. Sometimes you really bond with a guest or short-term co-worker and it is hard to think that you may never see them again. Sometimes they make a major impression on you – and you just want more time to pick their brain and learn from their experiences. Sure with modern technology such as email and Facebook, it’s easier than ever but realistically, seeing the majority of these people again isn’t probable – despite the promises to keep in touch and contact one another when you are in their hometown or country. And when I think about it I find it quite sad.

With an awesome guest, Crazy Jess.

Still though, I have to think about the positives. I am living my longtime dream of residing in Ireland. With my job I get to meet and learn from many different people from all parts of the world.

Every day.

I’d say that makes me a pretty lucky girl. And who knows? Maybe one day I’ll get to cross paths with my new friends again.

Have you ever met someone that made an impression on you but chances are you’ll never see them again?



  1. ahhh the bittersweetness of working in a hostel!
    it was an awesome time though!

    and realistically, if you didnt have the occasional pint you might find yourself thinking its a good idea to go swimming with the seals, or even the swan lake!

    • i know, right? i really had a BLAST working w/ you guys. its truly not the same w/out my king’s cup partners!

      good point about the pints although too many pints may lead to the same end result! oh – and there were three people swimming in the harbour today…thought of you! 🙂

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