Posted by: Laura | March 7, 2010

Hostel Life: Haircut, Hostel-Style

As many backpackers know, getting a haircut while traveling around is not high on the list of priorities. There are plenty of better ways to spend one’s time and money. Thus, many people find themselves with longer hair than they would normally have if they were at home.


Pat has been working at the hostel for about a week now. A typical Aussie, he’s easy to get along with and is always ready for a good time. He’s been traveling around Europe since last August – and hasn’t had a “real” haircut since he left home. One night, while playing a round of King’s Cup, he decided his hair was getting too long and I should give him a haircut. He made this decision while drinking so I didn’t take him too seriously. But, the next night I got a chance to give my first (human) haircut.

When I was younger I attempted to give my Barbie, PJ, a haircut. But it didn’t turn out so well. In my efforts to make her hair even, PJ ended up with a spiked hairdo that looked completely unfortunate.

Snip, snip!

Anyway, Pat had full faith that I could give him a trim, so we went upstairs to get to work. I was slightly nervous at first but when Pat said he wasn’t sure I was “drunk enough” for the task at hand, I realized it couldn’t be that hard to do. So I got to work. It was actually fairly easy. I just pulled chunks of hair up and cut the edges. Since he has longer, wavy hair, most mistakes aren’t overly noticeable anyway. Because of the experience, I gained a new respect for holding my head properly for my hairdresser. Pat kept looking down and I had to use my pointer finger to move his head back to where I could see what I was doing. Upon moving it the first time, he approvingly said that was a “true hairdresser move.”

Looking good!

Except for leaving the left side slightly longer (which was promptly fixedafter we got home from a night of drinking) the resulting haircut looked pretty darn good! I must say I’m really quite proud of myself. And, most importantly, Pat seemed pleased with it as well!



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  3. I can tell you are having a blast over there! What great memories you will have. From your posts and pictures, it seems like an amazing place. Enjoy yourself! 🙂

    • i am, bonnie! its been such a GREAT time! thanks for reading and taking the time to respond. good to hear from people back home! 🙂

  4. Love it girl! Hope all is well!

  5. I didn’t know you had started a site!! Why didn’t you tell me!! 🙂 xoxoxo Looked like a rockin’ hair cut 🙂

    • oh, it was definitely rockin! haha. sorry i didn’t tell you about the site…i guess i didn’t want to push it on ya and thought you would have seen it on fb or something. at any rate, glad you found it and hope you enjoy it. 🙂

  6. Thanks, Abbey! I did run around the island bragging to anyone who would listen last night. I’m sure it was quite annoying! No, I have to admit I’m not brave enough to cut my own hair…my hair is of the ‘stick straight’ variety and I think it would be pretty noticeable that my skills are really non-existent. 🙂 I will ask around though and let you know if I learn anything worth sharing!

  7. Great story, Laura! I had a similar experience with an Aussie back in LA and it’s such a great feeling when you’re finished and things actually look alright! Have you had any experience cutting your own hair? I’m going to be writing a post on the subject in the near future and would love any tips you can share!

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