Posted by: Laura | January 31, 2010

Do I Really Own This Much Stuff?

My flight to Ireland leaves in a little more than a week.


I can’t believe it’s almost time for me to leave the country for (at least) a year-and-a-half! Over the past month I’ve been busy purging old clothes that don’t fit, donating unnecessary household items to charity (as well as my family), and scheduling moving trucks to transport all my furniture to my dad’s house while I’m away. Most importantly, I just recently secured a renter for my house – and got a great price for my beloved Honda. Now I’m in the home stretch…packing. Ugh.

my townhouse & car

At first I had high, naïve hopes that I would be able to sell the bulk of my things and there wouldn’t be much to do in the way of packing and storing. I mean, my house isn’t that large and doesn’t offer a lot of storage space. There couldn’t be that much to pack.



With every closet I open, I realize that I have accumulated more things in my (short) life than is really necessary. I’ve moved before – but I’ve always had a roommate or someone else to help me get things in order. If you’ve never done it before, let me tell you this: packing up an entire house that you (solely) lived in for four years is a daunting task. And I won’t lie – it makes me a bit sad at times to just get rid of perfectly good pots/pans, sheets, and various other items I use on a daily basis. I want to say I feel 100% at peace with donating so many things to charity but the truth is: I’m not. There’s a small part of me that is struggling to let things go…even though I know I don’t need these material possessions. After all, they are just things. With every trinket or photo frame I wrap up, I have a memory around that object. And the more I box up, the harder it gets. During these moment, I just take a deep breath, smile, and think about the bigger picture. Someone else may get joy out of my things and create a special memory for themselves. And most importantly, all this work gets me one step closer to my dream of moving overseas. So I think I’ll just pour myself a glass of Smithwick’s, put on some Irish music, and think about the new memories I’m about to create!



  1. Hi Little! Consider this one of those Facebook stalker moments (haha) but I figured out you were traveling oversees and then found your blog. WOW! HOW AMAZING! I am sitting here at my computer at work with a sickening feeling in my stomach because I am so jealous. Good for you. You are doing something so many people want to do and never have the guts to follow through. I hope one day I can say I have followed in your footsteps but until then I will be living vicariously through you and your blog. You are awesome and keep up the great stories. Be safe and have the time of your life! If you are ever down just remember one of our ridiculous nights out at VT 🙂 ~ Amy

    • Thanks for the kind words, Amy! It’s good to hear from ya!! No worries on the stalking…I love a good stalker. :). I was just saying the other day that when I come back to the states I want to get out west and Denver is high on my list. Take care and keep in touch!! xoxo

  2. You are so brave. I am so jealous… Never stop following your dreams. You are one lucky gal. I know you will do just great. Because that is what you are…..GREAT!!!
    Gods bless you.
    Love Ya

    • thanks, brenda!! i told dad that i expect you guys to come visit me in australia next new year’s!! it’ll be summertime and they celebrate the new year before the rest of the world…wouldn’t that be fun? 😀

  3. Hold things loosely and hold people close.

    And – just to make you smile, was that comment about your “short” life supposed to be a pun?


    • yes, but sometimes its easier said than done. although most everything is gone now – and i’m not looking back. now just looking to the future and all that i have to look forward to!

      and no, i never even thought about the “short life” comment being construed that way…funny lady! 🙂 love you too!

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